Careers in Electronic Production and Design

There are numerous brilliant careers offered for graduates of music schools who are interested in electronic music. Here are some of them:

  1. Sound Designer

Sound designers are those musicians who create sounds and effects for a great variety of clients. As a sound designer, you will have to work with artists and bands, filmmakers, television show makers, video games makers, theatres and so on. As a sound designer, you have to be able to work with sophisticated electronic equipment, be creative, be able to record and edit audio and be able to manage thousands of audio files across your projects.

  1. Sound Editor

Sound editors usually deal with the film industry. They are those people who put together everything created by sound designers, composers and directors, so we can watch TV, films, and some other sorts of videos with a balanced and pleasant sound.

  1. Music Editor

Music editors are those people who put sound and visual content together. Usually, they work in film or video game industry. As a music editor, you need great music sensitivity need to feel the balanced sound, know how to use sound to create a dramatic effect and be familiar with the professional technology that mixes and synchronize music.

  1. Performer

If you love interacting with people, you do not have a stage fear and you love making electronic music, you can be a performer.

  1. Educator

In electronic music production, educators are those people who teach electronic music in colleges, universities or online.

  1. DJ

DJs are those musicians who edit and recreate songs or sounds, creating an alternative to the original version. Sometimes, DJs can also record live performances. As a DJ, you have to be aware of latest music trends, be able to use professional software and performance dynamics and of course to have knowledge in audio editing.

  1. Producer

In the music industry, producers are those people who work with different artists, help them to create, select and record songs and albums for release. It means that a profession of producer requires deep knowledge in everything related to music making. That is why usually the best producers are experienced and excellent musicians. As a producer, you need to be creative, have excellent interpersonal skills, and have a taste in music and to be aware of its latest trends.

  1. Electronic Composer

Electronic composers are those musicians who use only computers and MIDI technologies to create. They can create music for films, theatres, games, TV shows, adds, dance, and art and so on. Electronic composers have to be specialists in audio editing and know how to use the latest software. Also, they have to be able to deliver results in fast-paced environments.

  1. Product Representative

Product representatives are usually hired by companies that create musical instruments. These are people who demonstrate the latest audio/MIDI software and musical instrument technology available on the market. Usually, product representatives are required to have some music background and education.

  1. Jingle Writer

Jingle writers are those musicians who create music for audio and television commercials. Jingle writers need to be strong arrangers, to be skilled in different music styles, to be able to compose in short-term periods.