Ways to Fix the Music Industry

Photo by Pixabay.com

Although it is believed that today’s music industry is nearly dead, it is not so. The truth is that it has to be fixed, so people will be able to hear good music instead of listening to artists who are no longer artists but a brand, owned and operated by the label. If we fix the music industry, consumer attraction will increase. So how can we do this? Here are some ways that can change the current situation for the better.

Use Technology

Nearly all the spheres have changed and adapted to the world of technologies and the music industry should not be the exception. The thing to understand is that we live in a highly technological era, and while people are searching for the top programming languages to learn in 2018-2019, the music industry has to make a step in order to stay competitive in the future.

Achieve Better Customer Service

The “customer comes first” is applicable to nearly every industry and it works great for both sides. But when it comes to the music industry, customer’s opinion does not matter, because all the decisions, whether we are talking about hits or best artists, are made for us. Still, such situation can be fixed simply by allowing customers to express their opinion via contests, marketing surveys or any other methods which take into account the public’s opinion.

Let More Music Lovers Come to the Industry

Although the music industry is packed with music lovers, it current profit-oriented position hails those who, potentially, can bring it more money than those who truly love music and stand for its quality. In other words, it is made of lawyers and accountants, who leave no space for the creative talents.

Turn the Radio Off

Although there is nothing wrong with such notion as radio, the way it works today is undermining the dignity of any true musician. We need to bring diversity to the airways instead of “eating” playlists created by those, who treat music as a sport where you win by simply pushing a button.

Give More Space to The Artist

The way record labels work today is totally unfair and too profit-oriented. It is the label that owns the copyright to the recording, as well as it is a label that keeps a lump sum of an artist’s earnings.

Change Current Business Structure

Digital solutions are known to be highly demanded but for some unknown reasons, labels still keep pretending that CD format is exactly what we need. As a result, the music industry remains in a coma and nothing is done to fix that.